Melamine Glazing Powder LG250

Product name: Melamine glaze powder
CAS No.:108-78-1
HS code:39092000
Appearance:White Powder



Technical Parameters

Type MouldingTime Flow Rate Volatile Matter
LG 110 18”(tempreture155℃) 195 ≤4%
LG 220 30”(tempreture155℃) 200 ≤4%
LG 250 35”(tempreture155℃) 240 ≤4%

Melamine Glazing Powder LG250 Application

LG250 is mainly used for decal paper.

Glazing powder also known as melamine formaldehyde glazing powder, this material has a similar molecular structure to melamine resin molding powder. It is a polymer compound created through a reaction between formaldehyde and melamine. After drying, this resin undergoes ball milling to form a fine powder without any added pulp. Due to these properties, it is commonly referred to as “fine powder.”

The resulting glazing powder is non-toxic, odorless and tasteless. It serves as an ideal glazing material for amino-molded products, able to impart characteristics like brightness, durability and other desirable qualities. When applied, it enhances the performance and aesthetics of molded melamine products.


Melamine Glazing Powder for decal paper                  Melamine Glazing Powder for dinnerware                    Melamine Glazing Powder for tableware


Packed in 25kgs woven bags

melamine moulding compounds package       melamine moulding compounds package        melamine moulding compounds package


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