White Melamine Molding Compound

Product name: moulding powder (resin melamine)
CAS No.:108-78-1
EINECS No.:203-615-4
Appearance: white melamine



Technical Parameters

Appearance  Odorless, no foreign matter
Melamine migration volume

(4% Acetic acid, 70℃, 2H)

Mg/kg ≤2.5
Melamine migration volume

(10% Ethanol, 70℃, 2H)

Mg/kg ≤2.5
Melamine migration volume

(N-heptane, 70℃, 2H)

Mg/kg ≤2.5
Formaldehyde migration volume

(4% Acetic acid, 70℃, 2H)

Mg/kg ≤15
Formaldehyde migration volume

(10% Ethanol, 70℃, 2H)

Mg/kg ≤15
Formaldehyde migration volume

(95%  Ethanol, 70℃, 2H)

Mg/kg ≤15

 Melamine Molding Compound Application

Melamine Molding Compound as known as Melamine resin powder is a material that is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless. It is perfect for producing high-quality tableware that is safe, hygienic and non-toxic. Standard melamine tableware is strong and not fragile, with a strong texture. It also has powerful resistance to acid and alkaline, good temperature resistance and is easy to clean.

Physical property:

Melamine Moulding Powder is that it is composed of a transparent, heat-resistant resin that is formed through the reaction of either urea or melamine with formaldehyde. This resin is then mixed with a pure alpha cellulose filler, pigments, catalysts, and additional substances to create a variety of materials.

Moulding Compound Application:

Kitchenware include trays, dishes, flat plate, bowl, soup bowl, salad bowl……

Utensil handles,buttons and ashtrays

Electrical fittings and wiring devices

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melamine moulding compounds APPLICATION     Melamine Molding Compound application       melamine moulding compounds APPLICATION


Packed in 25kgs woven bags

melamine moulding compounds package       melamine moulding compounds package        melamine moulding compounds package


1 Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are manufacturers of melamine resin in China. We offer prilled urea, granular urea, melamine powder, melamine moulding compound, melamine glazing powder, urea formaldehyde resin.

2 Q: Can I request samples?
A: Certainly, we provide free samples. You would only need to cover the shipping costs.

3 Q: What is your supply capacity?
A: Our monthly supply capacity is approximately 10,000 metric tons.

4 Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept payment methods such as TT (Telegraphic Transfer), DP (Documentary Payment), LC (Letter of Credit), Alipay, and Paypal.

5 Q: Is it possible to obtain a discounted price?
A: Yes, discounts are available based on the quantity you require.


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