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Jinjiang Melamine Powder, Urea, Melamine moulding compound, Melamine galzing powder, urea formaldehyde resin China supplier.

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Jinjiang Chemical Industry

Kuitun Jinjiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a joint-Venture Enterprise with Hangzhou Jinjiang Group. Hangzhou Jinjiang Group was founded in Lin ‘an, Zhejiang Province in 1983, and set up a group company in 1993.

It has been involved in textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, cable, building materials, medicine and other fields. After 39 years of development and three industrial restructuring, it has now formed a modern large-scale private enterprise group focusing on environmental protection energy, non-ferrous metals and new chemical materials, and integrating trade and logistics, investment and finance. As China melamine supplier, our product form Urea(prilled urea/granular urea/def urea)to melamine powder to melamine moulding compound, melamine glazing powder, urea formaldehyde resin.

Hangzhou Jinjiang Group, rooted in China, has industries in more than 30 provincial administrative regions in China, and has invested in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and other countries, laying the foundation for the global development strategy of enterprises. Is leading melamine manufacturers in china and urea manufacturers in china.

Supported by abundant coal resource, Kuitun Jinjiang uses advanced coal-water base slurry gasification technique and mainly producing and selling urea, melamine powder and melamine moulding compound,melamine resin belongs to jinjiang melamine downstream. The company founded in 2008, equipped with a production ability of 400,000 tons, synthesized ammonia 700,000 tons urea and 1,500,000 tons melamine.

We are proud of

jinjiang melamine technology

Superior Technology

Jinjiang Melamine adopted following advanced technology and equipment to support our develping strategy.

  • Air separation technology and faclties.
  • Coal-water surry gasification technology.
  • Low temperature methanols wash process.
  • Low temperatureof liquid-nitrogen washing process.
  • Ammonia synthetic and refrigeration technology.
  • Bio-desulfurization technology.
  • Conversion and Urea synthetic technology.
jinjiang melamine Equipment (2)

Advanced Equipment

Jinjiang main equipment is imported from the world’s best manufacturers, with mature technique and a good fame.

  • Air Pump/Supercharger Groups–Man Turbo Germany
  • High Pressure Coal Slurry Pump/Gasifier—GE (UAE) Company
  • Ammonia Synthesis Converter–Casale Swiss.
  • Sulphur Recycling Equipment–Holland Hofung company
  • Urea Prilling Tower–biggest in China (Height 102m/inner diameter 26m)


jinjiang melamine lnspection System

Professional Inspection

Jinjiang has built up a quality inspection center, inspection technology is advanced and the inspection methods are complete.

  • Chromatography instrument
  • Ion chromatograph
  • Coal quality analyzer
  • Oil analy zers/dew point meter
  • Composite gas explosion meter 
  • Infrared oil meter
  • Infrared moisture meter
  • Coal water slurry viscosity measuring instrument
  • Hash spectrophotometer series and analysis of environmental protection
jinjiang melamine factory

Circular Economy

As melamine manufacturers, we insists on a new industrial mode of high technology, good economic profit,little environmental pollution and human resource

  • Limit energy consumption
  • Limt water using
  • Limt emissionof pollution
  • Make transformation of energy and water saving and multiple recycling of waste.


Award&Qualified Certificate

Since Jinjiang melamine establishment, we have received multiple certificates issued by the Ministry of Commerce of China, Zhejiang Province, China Enterprise Federation, and others.


Jinjiang Melamine Factory

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Jinjiang Culture

The development of enterprises makes us realize a truth: limited is feet, unlimited is road; limited is money, unlimited is career. How to use limited money to do unlimited things is the key to the development and growth of enterprises.

Any stage of enterprise development and growth is inseparable from the correct development ideas. Only correct ideas can clarify the development direction of an enterprise, only correct corporate positioning can make an enterprise invincible, and only modern enterprise management can make an enterprise more mature and stronger.

As melamine manufacturers in china, we’re following a path of orientation in the big environment and positioning in the small environment. Seeking truth from facts, making breakthroughs and innovations, Jinjiang people have overcome all obstacles and opened up a new road, working hard to move forward, striving to go the fastest and most steadily.

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