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what is Urea

Granular urea is an organic compound. It is a colorless, odorless solid, highly soluble in water, and almost non-toxic. Soluble in water, neither acidic nor alkaline. The invention of urea is considered a life changing event in agricultural history. At the same time, this material also addresses many basic and important needs in the industrial field.Urea is an organic compound that is colorless, odorless, and highly soluble in water. It has low toxicity and does not change the pH of solutions. Its discovery revolutionized agriculture by providing a soluble and effective fertilizer source for crops. At the same time, urea also meets fundamental needs across many industrial applications. Due to its water solubility and benign chemical properties, urea has wide utility wherever soluble nitrogen is required. Its introduction significantly improved agricultural yields and represented an important innovation with broad impacts on both farming and manufacturing sectors.

urea formula name
  • Classification:granular urea, prilled urea, def urea

  • CAS Number:57-13-6 

  • EINECS NO.:200-315-5

  • Chemical formula:CO(NH2)2

  • Granular urea HS code:31021000

granular urea

granular urea

Granular Urea TDS


white, slightly colored granules

Total nitrogen  



max. 1.2K% 


max. 0.02%  


max 0.4%



granular urea Characteristics 

Granular urea has the following characteristics: low dust content, high compressive strength, good flow-ability, suitable for bulk transportation, resistant to breaking and clumping, all these make it ideal for mechanized fertilization.

It dissolves at a slightly slower rate, making it suitable for use as a basal fertilizer, but not recommended for topdressing or foliar application.

urea used in industry

White Melamine Molding Compound

Melamine Powder

Urea serves as a primary raw material for producing melamine. Melamine is a versatile compound that can be used to manufacture a variety of plastics, laminates, adhesives, and flame retardants. Through condensation reactions, urea molecules combine to form melamine molecules. The melamine can then be polymerized to create various end-products containing melamine.
prilled urea used Wood-based panel

Wood-based panel

Granular urea is also employed in the manufacturing of industrial boards, including particle boards and medium-density fiberboards (MDF), which find extensive usage in the construction industry. In this process, urea is incorporated as a binding agent with wood fibers or particles, effectively boosting the durability and solidity of the boards.
White Melamine Molding Compound

Urea-formaldehyde resin

Urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins are extensively employed as adhesives in the wood and construction sectors. These resins are created through a reaction between urea and formaldehyde, yielding a robust and long-lasting adhesive. UF resins are utilized in a variety of wood-based products, including plywood, particle boards, laminates, and other similar materials.
urea used in vehicles

urea used in vehicles

Within the automotive sector, urea is widely employed in the manufacturing of automotive urea, which is alternatively referred to as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or AdBlue. Automotive urea is a solution that is introduced into the exhaust system of diesel vehicles. Its primary purpose is to diminish the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and aid in compliance with rigorous emission regulations.

Others urea application

urea used in agriculture

Agriculture - Fertilizer

The larger particle size of Granular Urea 46 allows for slower dissolution in soil. This slow-release feature ensures a more sustained and prolonged nutrient supply to plants, reducing the risk of nutrient leaching and maximizing fertilizer utilization efficiency. As a result, granular urea is particularly suitable for use as a basal fertilizer, providing a long-lasting nutrient source for crops during their early growth stages. In addition to being used as a base fertilizer, granular urea can also be utilized for the production of compound fertilizers.
urea use for skin

feed additives, cosmetic

Urea is utilized in the field of pharmaceuticals as an active ingredient in certain medications. It can be found in topical creams and ointments, where it acts as a moisturizer and helps to retain skin moisture. Urea is also commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products due to its ability to act as a humectant, providing hydration and preventing dryness. Its presence in skincare products helps to soften and smoothen the skin, making it a popular ingredient in lotions, creams, and serums.

Innovative Technology

Our production process incorporates innovative technology that allows for optimal utilization of resources and minimizes environmental impact. We are committed to sustainable practices and continuously strive to improve our processes.

advanced equipment

We pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art equipment for urea production. Our cutting-edge machinery ensures high efficiency and precision in the manufacturing process, resulting in superior quality urea.

Adequate capacity

Our factory spans an expansive area of 600 Mu and is equipped with the capacity to produce 400,000 tons of synthesized ammonia and 700,000 tons of urea.

Exceptional Service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We provide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients. Our dedicated team is always ready to address any queries or concerns promptly.

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