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Urea formaldehyde resin, also known as urea-formaldehyde molding, UMC. It is produced by mixing low-condensed resin with impregnated fillers (such as pulp, wood powder) and other additives. It has characteristics such as bright color, high surface hardness, and excellent arc resistance. It is widely used in the manufacturing of products that do not require high water resistance and dielectric properties, such as toilet covers, mahjong tiles, electrical plugs, switches, instrument accessories, decorative buttons, stationery, etc.

As China urea formaldehyde suppliers, we have pressure casting grade and injection grade products.

pressure casting grade granule

pressure casting granule urea formaldehyde

pressure casting grade powder

pressure casting powder urea formaldehyde

Injection grade granule

Injection grade urea formaldehyde

urea formaldehyde resin uses& advantage

urea formaldehyde resin application

Excellent arc resistance

UMC has excellent arc resistance and electrical insulation properties, making it suitable for manufacturing arc-resistant electrical components and explosion-proof electrical insulation parts.
urea formaldehyde resin for buttons

Beautiful color

UMC has good color stability and aesthetics, widely used in the production of various daily necessities such as buttons, bottle caps, door handles, etc.
urea formaldehyde resin for toilet lid

Good water and heat resistance

UMC has good water and heat resistance, suitable for use in various environmental conditions.
  • Outstanding mechanical properties: UMC have high hardness, smoothness, impact resistance, and are not easily broken, making them suitable for manufacturing various mechanical parts.
  • Antistatic and leakage resistance: UMC has good antistatic and leakage resistance, reducing the failure rate of electrical equipment.
  • Flame retardant, heat resistance, and water resistance:UMC has high flame retardancy, good heat resistance, and water resistance, improving the safety and stability of products.
  • Special anti-mold and antibacterial effects: UMC has special anti-mold and antibacterial effects, suitable for occasions with high sanitary requirements.
  • Non-toxic, odorless, and corrosion-resistant: UMC is non-toxic, odorless, and has good corrosion resistance, meeting European environmental requirements.
  • Easy to color, wide range of color options: UMC has good coloring properties, allowing for the freedom to choose colors and meet various personalized needs.
  • Strong adaptability:  suitable for the requirements of injection molding, compression molding, providing high production flexibility.

UF Resin Storage

Store in original bags in a cool and dry place to protect from heat and moisture absorption, bags should be properly stitched up.

Quality Foundation

Premium Raw Material

We use high-quality raw materials, control quality from the source, and strictly adhere to standards throughout the entire production process to ensure product quality. Our products have passed multiple quality certifications, providing you with a reassuring guarantee.

Rigorous Quality Inspection

Rigorous Inspection

We prioritize customer needs and prioritize product quality. We strictly control the production process and conduct multiple inspections on the finished products before leaving the factory to ensure they meet the required standards.

Quality Assurance

Guaranteed Quality

Our technical team has very rich experience and strictly monitors product quality. In the production process, we will spot check samples to ensure stable product quality and true color.

Bulk Quantity Advantage

Customized Service

For your request, we provide product specifications and colors customized, and we also provide sample service.

Customization Process

As China suppliers, we provide customized services for our Product.

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Inquiry on line

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After-Sales Service

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