Melamine Powder 99.5%

Product Name: Melamine Powder
CAS NO.: 108-78-1
HS NO.:2933610000
EINECS No.:203-615-4
Appearance: White melamine powder



Technical Parameters

APPEARANCE / white powder
PURITY  %  ≥ 99.5
MOISTURE %  ≤ 0.1
PH VALUE / 7.5-9.5
ASH % ≤ 0.03


Melamine Powder 99.5 Application

Melamine powder 99.5 is mainly used to produce melamine formaldehyde resin(MF Resin).

Melamine is also widely used in other fields, including:

Decorative Panels:
Melamine is utilized to create durable, and heat-resistant laminates. These laminates serve as decorative boards, offering a visually appealing veneer for aircraft, ships, furniture, and housing materials. They possess fireproof, earthquake-resistant, and heat-resistant properties.

Molding Powder:
By mixing and granulation, melamine can be transformed into melamine plastic. This non-toxic and stain-resistant material maintains excellent electrical performance even when wet. It is commonly used to manufacture white, durable daily utensils, advanced insulation materials such as sanitary ware and melamine tableware, and electrical equipment.

Melamine can be employed as a high-temperature thermosetting coating or a solid powder coating adhesive. It finds application in the production of metal coatings and high-quality amino resins for vehicles and electrical appliances.

Paper Treatment:
Melamine serves as a paper treatment agent, imparting properties like wrinkle resistance, shrink resistance, and corrosion resistance. It enhances the quality of high-grade paper.

Miscellaneous Applications:
When combined with other raw materials, the melamine-formaldehyde resin can produce fabric-finishing agents, leather emollients, polishes, water-repellent agents, rubber binders, combustion improvers, high-efficiency cement water reducers, steel desalination agents, and more.

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Packed in 25/500/1000kg plastic woven bags.

jinjiang melamine powder 25kg                jinjiang melamine powder 500kg                      jinjiang melamine powder 1000kg



1 Q:Are you manufacture?
A: Yes, We are melamine powder manufacturers in china, we have melamine powder 99.5%, melamine 99.8%, high pressure melamine, and we also supplier melamine moulding powder, melamine glazing powder, urea ect…

2 Q: Can I get samples?
A: Of course, we can supply free sample, You only need to pay for the shipping fee.

3 Q: What’s your supply capacity?
A3:Our supply capacity is about 10000 Mts/month.

4 Q :What’s your payment?
A:We can accept TT, DP, LC,Alipay, Paypal payment method.

5 Q:Can you give me a discount price?
A: Yes. It depends on your quantity.


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