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Is melamine toxic?

is melamine toxic


In this article, we will delve into the question: Is melamine toxic? By exploring its properties, potential health risks, safety regulations, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of melamine’s safety profil.

Understanding Melamine Powder

Melamine powder is an organic chemical raw material, white monoclinic crystal. It is commonly used in the production of laminates, dinnerware, kitchen utensils, adhesives, and flame-retardant materials. Its versatility and affordability have made it a popular choice in various industries.

Melamine Acute toxicity

The acute toxicity of melamine is relatively low. In rat and mouse experiments, the oral median lethal dose (LD50) of melamine is 3.16 grams/kg body weight and 4.55 grams/kg body weight, respectively. This means that to immediately kill a person weighing 60 kg, more than 190 grams of melamine needs to be ingested.

Melamine Chronic toxicity

Long-term or repeated large doses of melamine may cause damage to the reproductive and urinary systems of animals. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to melamine in rats may cause bladder and kidney stones, and may further lead to bladder cancer.

Melamine for Human health impact

For humans, since melamine is not a common component in daily diet, exposure to melamine is relatively rare. However, for those who frequently come into contact with melamine in their work or daily life, such as chemical plant workers, long-term exposure may have adverse effects on their health. Melamine is only slightly soluble in water and cannot be well metabolized in the body. Long-term or repeated large doses of melamine may cause damage to the urinary system.

Combined effect of melamine and melic acid

 Melamine itself is not well metabolized in the body. If taken together with melic acid, it may lead to more serious health consequences.


In the past, China national standard described melamine as non-toxic. However, after the milk powder addition incident, Chinese government changed the national standard on classification of melamine to low toxicity.

According FDA assessment, there is no indication that melamine will present any issues.

Is melamine safe? In moderation and under normal use conditions, melamine appears quite safe for today’s consumers. It becomes toxic only at much higher doses usually due to manufacturing or contamination issues.

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