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What Is Melamine Made Of?

what is melamine made of

Tech Blog what is melamine made of Melamine powder is a highly versatile chemical compound with extensive applications across numerous industries. In this article, we will explore what is melamine made of? Including formula of melamine, chemical structure of melamine, melamine production process and melamine chemical properties. what is melamine made of melamine chemical properties […]

How To Uses Melamine Powder? (Melamine Powder Uses)

melamine powder uses

Tech Blog melamine powder uses Melamine powder is a versatile compound that is used in a wide range of industries. It has a wide range of applications from household cleaning to industrial manufacturing. In this article, we will delve into the effective use of melamine powder in different environments, providing practical insights into its use. […]

Advantages Of Melamine Polyphosphate

melamine polyphosphate

Tech Blog Advantages of Melamine Polyphosphate Advantages of Melamine Polyhosphate as a flame retardant additive include: High efficiency: Melamine Phosphate is known for its excellent flame retardant properties, effectively reducing the flammability of materials and slowing down the combustion process. Low toxicity: Melamine Phosphate boasts a comparatively low level of toxicity when compared to other […]

What’s Melamine Impregnated Paper


Tech Blog What’s Melamine impregnated paper Melamine impregnated paper Product Overview Melamine impregnated paper, also known as “melamine” paper, is a type of adhesive paper that has been impregnated with amino resins (including melamine formaldehyde resin and urea formaldehyde resin) and dried to a certain extent, possessing a certain resin content and volatile content. This […]

5 Tips for DEF Storage(Automotive Urea Storage)

def storage

Tech Blog 5 Tips for DEF Storage -Automotive Urea Storage Temperature: Def urea should be stored within a temperature range of 5°C to 30°C, avoiding high or low temperature environments to prevent affecting its quality and stability. Light exposure: Automotive urea should be stored in a dark place, avoiding direct sunlight to prevent affecting its […]

Can Industrial Grade Urea Be Used In Agriculture?

Industrial grade urea

Tech Blog Can industrial grade urea be used in agriculture? At present, there are three grades of urea on the market: Agricultural grade urea, Industrial grade urea and Automotive urea. Is there any difference between the different grades of urea?Agricultural urea is one of the most widely used nitrogen fertilizers in the world. Its high […]

Colored Melamine Moulding Compound-FAQ

colored melamine moulding compound

Tech Blog colored melamine moulding compound-FAQ Due to their vibrant hues and versatility, colored melamine moulding compound are a popular choice for a variety of applications. This FAQ article will provide you with comprehensive answers to questions about available colors, production methods, safety issues, or color retention. What colors of melamine moulding compound can you […]

Melamine Uses: A Comprehensive Guide

melamine uses

Tech Blog Melamine Uses: A Comprehensive Guide Melamine is a versatile, multi-purpose compound with many uses. It is categorized into three main areas: melamine resins, melamine foams, and chemical intermediates. Ⅰ. Melamine uses for Melamine Resins This is the most critical melamine powder application, accounting for nearly 70% of melamine production. It is used in […]

What Are The Factors Affecting The Urea Price?

urea price

Tech Blog What are the factors affecting the urea price? Urea is a nitrogen-based fertilizer often used in agriculture. Urea price is affected by different factors such as the demand for food, natural gas, energy expenses including ethanol gasoline, exchange rates of currencies, quotas of China urea market and global market trends. Understanding these factors […]

What is the difference between automotive grade urea and industrial grade urea?

automotive grade urea vs industrial grade urea

Tech Blog What is the difference between automotive grade urea Vs industrial urea? The main differences between automotive urea and industrial-grade urea are in terms of quality requirements, production targets, uses, and prices.  The following is a detailed different introduction: Quality Requirements Urea for vehicles is a colorless, transparent, and clear liquid with a concentration […]

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