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Kuitun Jinjiang Melamine Quickly Delivered

kuitun jinjiang melamine

Customer Story Kuitun Jinjiang melamine quickly delivery “We recently ordered two shipments of 240 tonnes and Jinjiang was able to deliver both very quickly and smoothly during transport, solving our production difficulties” –Bekir Aydin General Manager Customer Background A Central Asia-based manufacturer of wood adhesives needed a reliable source of melamine for their production. Previously, they were […]

Jinjiang High Pressure Melamine Perform Well In Laminated Plyboard

jinjiang high pressure melamine

Customer Story Jinjiang High Pressure Melamine Perform Well In Laminated Plyboard Jinjiang High Pressure Melamine can satify different requirement. This case study highlights how Jinjiang High Pressure Melamine successfully resolved a client’s production issue. Customer Background Our client, a manufacturing company engaged in the production of kinds of boards like MDF board, particle board, was […]

Jinjiang melamine customer story–used for MDF


Customer Story Jinjiang Melamine Boosting Customer Market Competitiveness jinjiang melamine customer story, Melamine powder used for MDF Jinjiang melamine has successfully passed the customer’s quality test and has become the optimal choice for customers to replace high-pressure melamine. It not only ensures product quality but also reduces costs, thereby enhancing the terminal customer’s competitiveness in […]

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